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This year Party City decided to make a heavily social network based microsite for their Halloween promotion. The theme is #BeACharacter, as if using the hash tag on various social networks to be a part of the website. For this project I worked as head front end developer.

Phase 1 of the site is the largest of the 2 phases. Phase 1 involves setting up the responsive layout of the website. Some of the components that need to be developed include a youtube theater at the top of the page, setting up a responsive carousel, and the user generated content area.

Once the CSS for the layout was complete I spent a great amount of time working with the creative developer to get the images sliced correctly and start adding the creative assets. This was a bit tricky at times because of the responsive element, but after some tinkering I was able to get everything to act correctly.

The user generated content area took quite a bit of time to do. It's a 4x4 image grid that uses infinite scrolling. There was originally two pages, one for the user generated content, but that was dropped into an overlay. It was just a matter of setting up the grid and connecting the overlay with all the share functionality. I also had to find a solution for the content that was videos.

In the end everything was connected and the had a good flow responsively. The trickiest part of the project was getting the overlay to act nicely responsively in a way that fit the creative. Once that was worked out everything else sort of fell into place.

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